iPhone has arrived

Amy, Pete and I went down to the Palo Alto Apple Store to check out the iPhone launch. Amy picked one up on the spot (once the line wrapping 'round the block cleared up). It was quite the experience, complete with news media vans, mad cheering, jostling and police monitoring. We even witnessed an early purchaser "torturing" their 5 min old iPhone for a video podcast.

Hey Saylor, can you Handel a hike??

We went on a great hike with the Saylor/Morris clan. Wonderful 7-8 mile jaunt. Being the techno geeks that we are we had our GPS along to catalogue the trip...

I'm in business

I found this shop while in San Francisco for the evening with my friend Ru. We had a great time checking out Osha Thai (my yelp) and The Bubble Lounge

Alum Rock Hiking

After a weekend of eating and lounging we decided to day was the day to incinerate a few of those additional calories...

Half Moon Bay - Obester Day

Yesterday after an errand filled morning Pete and I decided to head to HMB. The agenda - Obester, late lunch at the San Benito House Deli (our yelp) and a long read at the Ebb Tide Cafe. We had a great time!


Went to napa with our great friends Matt and Ru, had a great time in the cellars of Del Dotto. We also drove by Frog's Leap and Caymus (both looked good but were closed by the time we arrived :( But we persevered, knowing dinner was awaiting us at on of our favorite places: The Culinary Institute of America's Wine Spectator Graystone Restaurant - YUM!

Here is a pic of our chocolate soufflé.