Piper Message to Share

I was really touched by Piper's message this morning. It was great to remember the temporal nature of our earthly relationships and readjust focus to the eternal. I was especially convicted to be careful in prioritizing my marriage relationship over my God relationship (so easy to do!).

Here is the full version
Excerpts only (for the time challenged)

Garage Sailing :)

Allie and I went to about 30 garage sales this morning between 7 and 10 AM. We originally went looking for a desk for Allie, but I was the one that ended up spending the most cash...
• set of wicker chairs
• two bright red room screens
• an assortment of classic children's toys (bit 'o clarification- No munchkin is in the plan yet - all our married friends seem to have one or two in progress though and we've gotta keep the kidos occupied)
• a bread-maker - I think this was the find of the morning, still in it's shrink wrap, warranty card unsubmitted - $4. We tried it out as soon as I got it home... and despite an abbreviated rising period (we were in a rush), it was surprisingly eatable for a first attempt.



My good friend's son was recently diagnosed with Autism. What does that mean? On so many fronts it is a terrifying label. Alicia suggested I watch a video that she had seen on Autism. It helped me understand a sliver of what it would be like to carry the label. Here is a 10 minute version:

Your prayer is always appreciated!

Happy Mother's Day

Okay so it's not really a Mother's Day song... but it's always better when mom and I are together :)

Acordance Geekdom

Accordance Software just added a really neat feature to version 7.1. Build Your Own Bible Modules!!! We've just imported the public domain version of Luther's German Bible into Accordance. Anyone interested in adding can download it here: http://homepage.mac.com/handel/LutherBibel.zip. (I don't think you have to have version 7.1 to do this - we've already created the accordance ready file.) If you find any errors please let us know and we'll make a corrected version available as soon as possible.

Arnold Abode

We visited our friends Jason and Stefanie in Oakley, CA on the way back from Redding. They have such a cute new place! We were proud to be some of their first guests.

Congrats Dave and Jen!

This weekend included a trip up to Redding to witness the nuptials of our good friends Dave and Jen. We are sooooo excited for them. The wedding was a beautiful event and a fun time to catch up with friends who we see less often now that we attend PBC Willow Glen (instead of PBC Cupertino).

Not Another Latte Post!!

Okay I admit it I'm a little obsessed... but I've been working hard at my barista skills and have to say that I'm a little proud of how this one turned out...

- Thanks so much to Adrian Drury, for giving us his old espresso machine, we are taking good care of it.

Act One

Pete and I went to a really cool presentation last night. Our friends Nate and Lindsey Marshall had organized a weekend conference by Act One a non-profit Christian organization aiming to " train and mentor Christians of all denominations to work in mainstream film & television". It was so inspiring to Christian artists so passionate about reaching Hollywood for Christ and being salt in a very secular (yet infinitely influential) industry. Let's support these folks!!

Flying High

Our friend Chad flew Allie, Pete and I to a Nickel Creek concert in San Luis Obispo, which is just an hour trip in his little Mooney plane. We had an awesome time.

-Thanks to Dave Misson for being our "taxi" driver!