Before I go on vacation...

Here are some things I've been  meaning to blog about but haven't had the time. Since I'm leaving for Christmas vacation tomorrow I thought I'd get everything out of my system in one fell swoop.. here goes, in no particular order:

 #1 Our new breakfast experiment. Whilst in Germany with Pete's sister and family we observed the German breakfast style (which we loved) enabled by a refrigerator box laden with all the necessary goodies. I've picked up a "food grade" container
 and started my own "breakfast in a box" tradition. It makes putting a quick breakfast on the table easy for busy mornings!

*** the cheapest place to buy such food grade containers is Smart & Final

#2  We had a lovely evening with the Lawsons a few weeks ago. Took a trip to the Stanford Theater... a must for any Classic Movie fan. 

#3 Pete and I celebrated Hanukka :)

#4 Alicia and the Formicas were up to visit for Karen and Bill's wedding. We had a great time hanging out...

#5 Sue Bell got, not only a cell phone but an iPhone... our Tuesday night dinners have become techie sessions!

I think some other things have happened too... but these are the ones that pop out from the picture collection... The next pictures posted on this blog should have some snow in them!!!