Our baby girl has arrived!

Praise the Lord

Our little bundle has arrived safely! We are so happy she is here!


9:00am - Light contractions
10:15  - At our scheduled Ob appointment; light contractions, 4cm, 80% effaced, -2 position
10:30 - Went to sweet peas for chocolate bannana crepe where contractions strengthened to light/medium
11:30  - Arrived & labored at hospital parking lot
11:45  - Checked in to hospital: 4-5cm, 80% effaced, -1 position with medium, then strong contractions
1:00 - 8-9cm on 2nd measure
1:15 -  Water breaks
1:20 - 2 extreme contractions
1:23 - Birth!!

7 lb 9 oz, 20"

We can't wait for you to meet her!

Leo is a proud older brother :)

She's definitely a Handel - eating came very naturally!

Leo drives the tractor...

We're in (but not final)


Chocolate Chip peanut butter cookies in the making :)

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Leo the jamba ad...