Orange you curious what to do with Orange Pulp??

Pete and I have been juicing the oranges from our tree this year and we've been researching ways to use all the excess plup we are are generating... This is our plan:

DIY Facial Scrub Using Orange Pulp


We are currently having a ball with the Formica's in NYC. Ru is being much more diligent than I about posting info on our trips, enjoy!

Catching Up... way up

Skiing in Winter Park was so fun - we're so glad that Amy and Alicia came along with us!

We spent Christmas Day with my Uncle John and Aunt Jan. It was so fun playing games and eating yummy food. We had snow almost all day long - so pretty!

It was so fun to hang out with all the Gibas kids (this is Mackensie and Me)

We had a last minute New Years dinner the night after we got back from Colorado. It was a fabulous time hanging out with friends.

The Sauders spent the night. New Years morning Peter and Doug played praise songs in their PJs.