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Fall caught us by surprise... Early morning walk gear had to be

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We're considering asking a couple we know well to be Leo's Godparents. Pete's parents asked some of their friends to be his Godparents and he has always enjoyed the relationship he's had with them. We wanted to have a spiritual emphasis to the relationship for Leo - a little closer to its original Catholic roots.

"Insofar as possible, one to be baptized is to be given a sponsor who is to assist an adult in Christian initiation, or, together with the parents, to present an infant at the baptism, and who will help the baptized to lead a Christian life in harmony with baptism, and to fulfill faithfully the obligations connected with it" (Code of Canon Law, No. 872)

We came up with our own streamlined (and slightly more protestant) version:

We hope the Godparents of our children will observe, promote, and attest to a Godchild's godly lifestyle.

Observe - Be an active part of the child's life, seeing them on a somewhat regular basis (at least a few times a year).
Promote - Encourage spiritual living through example, conversation and possibly formal teaching.
Attest - Be a willing reference when necessary to the child's current spiritual state.

Godparents should be ready to be part of their Godchild's life for the rest of his life.
Has anyone out there selected Godparents for their kids? What were your expectations of the relationship? Your input is welcome in the comment section!

Feeding the belly...

I'm becoming an expert at feeding him a bottle of breastmilk and
pumping at the same time.

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Little to the left... Little to the right... Bullseye!

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The last of the stretchy wetchy???

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On vacation in Hawaii with our iPhones. A ridiculous amount of posting
is going on at :)

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Is this only obvious to me???

Leo's first brush with TSA security...

Unfortunatly his papers were not in order :(