You can take the boy out of the tractor...

Audi loaner beats out playground any day mom!

Leo left the play ground in order to play in the front seat of our audi Q5 loaner... Love having recall work done! I'm a little worried about when it goes back to dealer though - he's been singing to himself "mama car, mama car, mama car..." can't be a good sign.

Leo's freestylin'

Let's hike mom!

Back ip the peninsula

We wanted to make our all-day passes count so after leo's nap we took the train to Redwood City and stopped at a German beer garden we've wanted to try for a while. Yum!

Turf's up!

There putting in turf at willow park!!!

Leo puts the M3 through its paces

Opi's little helper...

We're installing a saftey mirror outside our apartment at a blind coner by the driveway. Thanks to Nathan Watson for Leo's outfit and construction cone :)

Boysand trucks!

Their pouring cement at our park today - hopefully only a few more weeks now!