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Pete's Birthday

We thought we'd herald Pete's next year in true German fashion by heading up to the city and enjoying authentic German cuisine. Yay, schnitzel and lederhosen! The Schnitzel Haus totally delivered and we all rolled home stuffed to the brim with spatzle.

#11 - from freshly downloaded pics

A weekend with Chad and Allie. We took sharks tooth cove by storm, camping out next to the waves... a little too close to the crashing waves for a very good nights sleep but I guess you can't have it all.

Summer Recap

Awe man it's September already... where did the last half of summer go? And I haven't blogged since July - sigh - August archive will forever be a black hole of nothingness. (no back posting for me - cheaaaaaaaters!!)
As recompense here is a list (in chronological order) of the top #10 things we've done (and taken pictures of) since I fell off the blogosphere. 

#1 I had a birthday - in the midst of my Summer CRASH German Course one evening not pounding in vocab words was a welcome break. Pete took me to a french restaurant around the corner - we had to order the Ratatouille, in honor of the new Pixar Movie.

#2 The Mystery Insect Infestation - Something was biting Pete (not Julie), and inspired a top to bottom room cleaning, we washed everything - every piece of clothing we own - documented here...

#3 A fun summer evening, complete with baking letter shaped cookies for dessert. This picture was taken after we had succeeded in breaking the letters in all the key recognition locations.

#4 Our good friends the Formicas moved to New York (Their very interesting blog: WE MISS THEM!!!! Lots of friends gathered to say goodbye.

#5 Our good friend Doug Sauder preached at PBCC! What a treat.

#6 We've been married a whole year now!!! We celebrated by taking a trip to Napa - Camping, wine tasting, spa-ing :

#7 Two families of friends moved to the Pacific Northwest this summer: The Ballouns and the Fairbanks. Here is a pic from the Ballouns going away.

#8 We finally sat down and organized our wine cooler... Here is Pete in oenophile heaven.

#9 Jess and I had a lovely evening in downtown Campbell. We treated ourselves to desserts at a cool restaurant don't worry, we still have half the dessert menu left to explore if anyone is up for it :)

#10 Pete moved closer to his dream of official wine industry member status whilst pouring wine for Picchetti this summer.

We've had a busy blessed summer - thank you Lord! Now... on to the Fall!