Our fearless slider...

House Progress December 2011

We are enjoying watching our new home come together - such a blessing from God!

The front...

From the back...

Another view from the back


Leo loves playing on all the big equipment.

Lincoln logs

Spinning ABCs

Pop goes the weasel...

First upward building today!!

The construction begins

Fun with Pops!

Yes, he eats with chop sticks...

Papa's wisdom...

Pete has taught Leo two reasons why we can't fit on his horse at the park - papa is too big, but mama is too slim - good man! Leo has accompanying hand motions - see below...

Watching trains at roaring camp :)

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30lbs on the big boy scale!

Leo eating his birthday cookie :)

Rock scrambling with papa!

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Hüpfer Hüpfer Papa!! Leo works on his hops

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Our bookworm - he's been reading lots during drives...

Car boredom

One boy + one peanut butter sandwich = one styling hairdo

Getting ready with grandpa...

Train at Visona Park

Leo a mile high!

On the swing with omi

And the cuddles got even better...


Leo slept in his big boy bed today as I can't lift him into his crib since I threw out my back. It makes for fun cuddle time post nap though - I just crawled right in! (self take on the iPhone is a little fuzzy in bad light...)

Teeter totter!

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Breakfast at our new house

We took breakfast to our new house via wagon this morning - it stinks too much to eat inside bit the porch made a nice breakfast table.

Trip trap nonsense

Ah our baby registry naïvety has been evident this week as Leo has decided the top shelf is too juvenile for him. All the adults sit on the bottom shelf of their chairs, no?

You can take the boy out of the tractor...

Audi loaner beats out playground any day mom!

Leo left the play ground in order to play in the front seat of our audi Q5 loaner... Love having recall work done! I'm a little worried about when it goes back to dealer though - he's been singing to himself "mama car, mama car, mama car..." can't be a good sign.

Leo's freestylin'

Let's hike mom!

Back ip the peninsula

We wanted to make our all-day passes count so after leo's nap we took the train to Redwood City and stopped at a German beer garden we've wanted to try for a while. Yum!

Turf's up!

There putting in turf at willow park!!!

Leo puts the M3 through its paces

Opi's little helper...

We're installing a saftey mirror outside our apartment at a blind coner by the driveway. Thanks to Nathan Watson for Leo's outfit and construction cone :)

Boysand trucks!

Their pouring cement at our park today - hopefully only a few more weeks now!


Just a bonus - turn your monitor to the left and you're sitting at a stop light...

Weekend Adventure

We just got back from a weekend visiting Pete's family in LA - coming back was kinda an adventure - we took detours because of flooding barely made it thought white out snow conditions, then sat in a parking lot on I-5 for an hour going less than 2 miles. Finally we couldn't stand it and made a u-turn through one of those emergency thingers. Turns out they closed the 5 (thanks!). On our way back we got a front row seat for a pg&e power line repair followed by an off road circumnavigation of the working crew and vehicles. After all that we ended up refugees back on Pete's family's door step - 4 hours later. We took the coastal route back this morning. :)

We are inherently wrong doers...

Slipping and sliding

Walking his baby...

$10 iTunes gift card for Tree Identification Anyone?

These kind of pathetic trees are on our new property - we have to decide which ones we're keeping as we move towards demolition and rebuilding. Can anyone tell me what types of trees these are?

$10 iTunes gift card for the first person to credibly identify ALL 8 of these trees in a comment below!!

Tree A (And B Behind - I'm pretty sure these are "twins")
From Drop Box

Tree B (closer up)
From Drop Box

Tree C
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Tree D - We think this one is dead and might have to go... :(
From Drop Box

Tree E
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Tree F - Someone said Pepper Tree?
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Tree G
From Drop Box

Tree H - We think this guys is a Juniper...
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