Pete is excelent at the buda style burping session the nurses taught
us at the hospital.

Love the changing table...

New fav nap spot...

Leo under the lion...

Oh his full name is really Peter Leonhart Jacob.

Close Up of Leo

Took him about 5 min after birth to put his fingers in his mouth..

Best Dad Ever !

Pete took two shifts in a row last night so I could sleep 7 hours!
What a guy!


After a nice relaxing evening at Santana Row on Friday night, we went to bed at a reasonable hour (11pm).

4:30 am, Julie bolted upright, and felt her water start to break. We both got excited, and started timing the contractions (which were low-pain at that time). They were very consistent - every 2-4 minutes, and they lasted about 60 seconds. Things calmed down a bit, until at 5:30am her second water membrane ruptured. Contractions were still not too bad, but we called up our midwife to let her know.

6:45 am rolls around, and BAM the contractions quickly became _very_ intense! My wife is a TROOPER!!! It was very obvious that her world was being absolutely torn apart for almost exactly 60 seconds every 2-3 minutes. She labored in the tub, with a hot water nozzle trying to provide a modicum of relief.

7:45 am - Julie got mini pushing urges, which clearly communicated that it was time to go to the hospital!! We arrived at Good Samaritan at 8:00 am, just to be tortured by an elevator that wouldn't come! Julie gritted her teeth together, and made it up the stairs between contractions! Wow!

8:10 am - First nurse checks Julie, and she's already 8 cm! Maybe 20 minutes later, she was at 9.5 cm! Finally, 10 cm arrives, and Julie was allowed to start pushing!

Then, at 9:09 am, all 8 lb 3 oz / 20.5" of Leo entered the world!!

Turns out Julie lost well over 1 L of blood, so the excitement wasn't over ... more to come ...

My first shot at feeding

Since Julie lost so much blood & couldn't breastfeed, and Leo had low blood sugar and needed sustinence, I got to feed my son!

Update II

Julie is doing better. They are moving to the mother / baby unit now. We will post pictures later - they won't upload to the blog from my phone.


Leo is doing great. Julie is doing well too, but, she doesn't feel too great. She lost over 1 liter of blood. She is recovering and napping and requests your prayers.


Leo's First Bottle with Daddy


8 pounds 3 ounces 20.5 inches long

Leo is here!

He arrived at 9:09am. He has red hair!!


Baby Handel on the Way!!

We are at the hospital now. Julie is doing great. She is 9 centimeters dialated.


My doorway in spring...

Finally patience with perennials is paying off!


Waiting for the little guy to arrive... come on out leo!