Leo testing out his masquerade mask :)

Christmas tree!

We visited this front yard christmas tree at 1683 Catalonia Way in San Jose. It was super fun to watch with the coordinating music :)

Leo supports the pigeon point light house restoration!

Hidden villa farm fun!

The counter is finally going to good use!

Learning the guitar early :)

Leo tries out the Christmas stockings literally :)

Can we take a picture please mom?


We made it up to Winter Park to ski for the day while we were in the Denver area. Pete and Leo had a great time!


Pete and Leo made little snowman in Karen's backyard after we had an inch and a half of snow one night :)

Thanks for the good times Karen

We had a great time staying with my cousin Karen Willecke in Denver Colorado. Thanks for opening up your home Karen!

Playing in the leaves

Pete and Leo had a great time playing in the beautiful colorful fall leaves in mami's back yard

Dinner with Papi

We had a yummy dinner at Papi's

The Arch!

We had fun with omi at the arch!

Brunch with Papi

We met up at schneithorst's - which had authentic (with the bad service included) German breakfast :) yum!

Train museum

Just his size!

Love trader joes!

Leo's dreams come true

After our arrival in St. Louis the pilot invited Leo into the cockpit and let him test out the driver's seat and captains cap!

Family plane happiness

Leo was over the top to be on the plane!

Greeting our airplane

Leo was so excited to see our plane show up at the gate!