Spring is coming sooner this year :)

I was just noticing that I need to take a picture of my front yard tree again to see how much it has grown from last year this time. I was amazed, not just at how much bigger it is not but also at how much farther along in "spring" (if you can call it that in Feb!) it is than it was last year... and farther along than the rest of the trees on the block, if I must confess my sapling pride :)

As I was laying sprawled across the sidewalk in order to avoid including the infringing powers lines and encroaching neighboring tree silhouettes, I noticed I was not the only one out with a camera on my block. What a nice way to meet a friend.

Skiing with Friends

We had the privilege of going up to Tahoe for the weekend to ski at Kirkwood, with the 20s group. We had a blast. My shoulder kept me from skiing but I did get through "Amusing Ourselves to Death" :)

Enough with the face masks!

We had a girly night last Saturday to get in touch with our feminine side. Yay facials!