B minor... Got that Leo??

Leo's Dedication

I've finally gotten around to posting this file! This is what happens when I can't upload directly from my iPhone. I'm sooooo spoiled! Thanks Wanda for getting this footage to us!

The long or rather the short of it...

Leo is suffering under his first ever mommy-haircut attempt. A minor
affair I admit (there's not a lot to work with yet) but I couldn't go
on with those gangly locks hanging (okay brushing) over the tops of
his ears. That's gotta be itchy folks!

Three Peters...

Uh oh!

iPhone addict in training

If I could teach the world - or just Leo - to sing in perfect harmony..

No sleep part 2

Bad news for nap land

Leo and mommy practicing for our costal hike...

It's a little colder here than in Australia.

Late night lounging at the Handel Haus

Not getting out as much with a babe in arms. We get our kicks 'round
the house these days!

Already walking the line errr fence...

Reading magazines with my boy!

How I ended up seeing Bill Cosby live in my sweats...

We were driving down de anza, on our way to a happy feet massage when
I happened to notice on the de anza college digital sign that bill
Cosby was playing at the flint center - "that would be fun", I said
to pete, whose life's dream has been to see him live. "I wonder when
he's there..." I crained my head around as we passed to see the date.
"bummer! It's tonight... " pause "wanna crash it??" sooner than my new
quatro audi can swing a u-turn we were on our way -- red slipper
crocks, drawstring sweatpants, greasy ponytail and all!

Never parked this close at costco in my life...

I had to document it!!!

Am I the only one that loves the pj look?