How I ended up seeing Bill Cosby live in my sweats...

We were driving down de anza, on our way to a happy feet massage when
I happened to notice on the de anza college digital sign that bill
Cosby was playing at the flint center - "that would be fun", I said
to pete, whose life's dream has been to see him live. "I wonder when
he's there..." I crained my head around as we passed to see the date.
"bummer! It's tonight... " pause "wanna crash it??" sooner than my new
quatro audi can swing a u-turn we were on our way -- red slipper
crocks, drawstring sweatpants, greasy ponytail and all!


Stef said...


Erin said...

Nice you guys!
Julie, wasn't it your Bill Cosby comedy cassette tape we used to listen to when we were little? Getting his tonsils out? It was something about a big chicken heart?
A fading memory, obviously! Ha!

DellaRose said...

wow! that is the best!

Jen said...

How hilarious is this! Julie, I just saw the note on the De Anza sign today (Dec 6 2012) for Bill Cosby and thought "that would be fun!". Hahahaha! And when I got home I googled it and found your blog entry! Insane! How was it?

Julie Handel said...

Awesome Jen! We really enjoyed it. The best "sketches" we're of course the really old ones, the newer ones were just so-so. It was fun to see him though, the mannerisms where still the same :)