Wine Charms

In efforts to organize my life - random bits of information are now going on this (searchable) blog. Here's one that I thought other wine lovers / entertainers might enjoy. Wine charms - though almost necessary in larger groups for certain occasions are very expensive. Make your own with beads and earring hoops - who knew!

Act surprised if you get this from me as a gift in the future :)

Lunch with mom...


What I've been reading...

I've just done a whirlwind update at Handel Bücher for those of those with a penchant for the literary - though I must admit my recent reads have very pragmatic objectives. Check it out if you want:

Mystery Plant

Anybody know whether this guy is friend or foe - they're coming up
everywhere in my garden :(


We harvested our Fava beans yesterday - spent most of the evening,
shucking and blanching - can't wait to munch!