Doors in!

This one is to Leo's probable future room..

Leo practices popping out from under our new sink cabinet

Happiness at the happiest place on earth

Cousins Visit

My cousin's visited us from Kansas City. It was fun to take a trip to San Francisco on public transit. Leo had a ball!

I think the highlight for Leo was meeting his 2nd cousins - they were so sweet to take the time to play with him - he really loved it!

Tractor Day

We don't have as much tractor action at the construction site - gotta make hay (or mud) while the sun shines (or the rains pours)...

The beer goes into bottles...

In Opi's wood shop

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Construction fun

Drywall, plumbing, stucco, tile --- oh and PG&E power pole replacement all in one day... Not enough action for Leo and he starts his own digging project )