Our last tactile cry...

Pete had to exercise his freedom for the very last time this evening (okay he's been using a ear piece for over a year now and we took these pictures while his car was parked... but we had to record the momentous moment nonetheless.)

Shown up by a 2 year old...

If only I was this good:

I'm failing as a blogger!

Here is my latest attempt at recompense... the mongo update, with extra pictures for penance.

Oh, this one is even an excuse too! I've (with my amazing Mom's help) have embarked on a "scan in the family pictures" project. This is one of my favorites... and one of the oldest we have. It's of my grandparents on their farm in North Dakota. They look really in love! My favorite part is that grandma is sitting on my grandpa's lap and look where his right hand is... nothing old fashioned about that :) My grandfather died of a heart attack before my mother was born (grandma was 7 mo. pregnant), this pictures presents a man that I'm proud is in my family!

My 5 Aspects bible study has (weep, weep) come to a close for the summer. It was a great year... and we hope to have a few group reunions next year. On the 5-Aspects note, Barbara Mouser is doing a one day seminar this coming weekend in Los Gatos. It's not to late to Sign Up!

Another house concert in SF. We had the privilege of going with the Adam & Sarah this time. We stopped for (east) German cuisine on our way up. Walzwerk is worth checking out.

We had a great Saturday with the Chad & Allie a a few weekends ago, after an ol'bester (okay obester...) wine bottling morning we took a romp on the beach. hehe I see a theme of marital bliss emerging.

In other news. Pete wore one of these at WWDC this year....

He presented a demo on optimizing programs for the iPhone with Apple's new Developer SDK. The presentation he was part of was so big it was in the main conference room (hundreds of people), the same one in which Steve Jobs gave the Keynote! I'm so proud.

Okay so I'm not totally delivering on the picture promise. Seems like we haven't been very autobiographical in the last month + since a substantial post.

And don't expect to much better over the next few months. In July we're spending 3 weeks on a missions trip to Moldova (the poorest country in Europe, located right between Romania and Hungary) . So from now until July 10th we promise only to run around like our heads have been cut off. When we return in (almost) August it will only be to catch our breath before heading out again for the wilds of family reunion in Michigan. We are sooo excited to see Pete's family and hang out on the lake shores!