Garage Happiness

Here is the evidence that Pete and I are finally getting serious in the war against clutter on the Garage front. Pete was on the moral support brigade and brought his laptop out to keep me company as I plastic-bin-ified the garage shelves. Who knew Rubbermaid's could be a religious experience.

Whoops.... how did we get to the middle of November already?

Where has the fall gone? Looks like I haven't blogged since the summer... Here's a quick catch up:

We picked this "little"t-shirt for Pete at Oktoberfest. Apparently a medium isn't the same size across the Atlantic.

Both Pete and I got sick out post trip bounce back. It hit me first then Pete - lucky me I scored breakfast in bed before the plague moved on.

The weekend after we got back Pete made one of his dreams come true, he took his car on the race track. See more details here:

Since then it's really been a steady stream of work, learning German, trying to catch up with old friends and organizing the office. Well, think I'm caught up.... just in time to get behind again over the holidays :)