$10 iTunes gift card for Tree Identification Anyone?

These kind of pathetic trees are on our new property - we have to decide which ones we're keeping as we move towards demolition and rebuilding. Can anyone tell me what types of trees these are?

$10 iTunes gift card for the first person to credibly identify ALL 8 of these trees in a comment below!!

Tree A (And B Behind - I'm pretty sure these are "twins")
From Drop Box

Tree B (closer up)
From Drop Box

Tree C
From Drop Box

Tree D - We think this one is dead and might have to go... :(
From Drop Box

Tree E
From Drop Box

Tree F - Someone said Pepper Tree?
From Drop Box

Tree G
From Drop Box

Tree H - We think this guys is a Juniper...
From Drop Box


jess said...

1. Shoe tree

2. Walla Walla tree

3. Tree Hugger

4. Christmas tree

5. Tree-age (like in the ER!)

6. Tree-mendous


That's all I got. :)

RU said...

i should forward this to my parents.
they know trees really well.
I am no help- sadly :(

RU said...

when does demolition start?