Audi loaner beats out playground any day mom!

Leo left the play ground in order to play in the front seat of our audi Q5 loaner... Love having recall work done! I'm a little worried about when it goes back to dealer though - he's been singing to himself "mama car, mama car, mama car..." can't be a good sign.


Frogs Mom said...

So funny! Boys and their cars.

We had a day of service recently and picked up a loaner and Lucas really liked the A4 Avant. I liked the huge sunroof and the where the access buttons for the MMI were. Oh and the access to the LATCH is much easier. I always said I would drive our A6 to the ground but I'm secretly hoping it gets stolen so we can get a new one with the extra goodies!

Stef said...

hmmm... he's a smart boy with great taste.

Christel said...

Hallo Ihr Lieben, das ist ganz toll, was ich da alles lerne, was sich da so in dem Computer für Möglichkeiten verstecken. Love, Mami